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Minor updates applicable to Adobe Acrobat 8.1

Adobe Acrobat 8.1.7 Professional and Standard Update

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Free Adobe® Reader® 8 software can help you more securely communicate and collaborate. Reader 8 includes a new interface, new tools, more document viewing options, online meeting capabilities, support for more secure workflows, and a host of other new features to help you save time and money.
Leverage a simplified user interface
View information more precisely and efficiently with the redesigned, easier to use Reader 8 interface. Choose the reading mode to fit more content on the screen or the two-up mode to view page spreads without excess space in the middle. Zoom in, pan over, or leverage the loupe feature in Reader 8 to take a closer look.

Hold online meetings
Instantly collaborate with virtually anyone, anywhere, at any time. Use the Start Meeting button in Reader 8 to access Adobe Acrobat® Connect™ software and deliver online training and support or communicate with remote audiences in real time. Accelerate approvals with new Reader 8 features that include shared document reviews, a streamlined review tracker, and a simple RSS reader.

Realize more secure document workflows
Better protect documents, forms, and drawings by leveraging Adobe LiveCycle® Policy Server and the new Adobe Online Services Document Center. For the first time, use Reader 8 to digitally sign Adobe PDF documents, allowing recipients to more confidently view and verify the authenticity of PDF files. Learn more.

Save trees and time
For large volumes of information, such as technical manuals, use Reader 8 to condense any type of PDF file into a single booklet for printing. Print only the desired pages on two sides of paper or in a smaller type size to save time and natural resources.

Access learning resources
Immediately access help and product information. Use the new Beyond Adobe Reader start center in Reader 8 to review information, on demand, about how to use Adobe Reader more effectively. Also view regularly updated information about other Adobe products and services.

Search single or multiple PDF files
Find and retrieve any PDF document or a phrase in a document within a matter of seconds. Search for words in page content, annotations, bookmarks, form fields, or document metadata within any PDF file on a local machine.

Complete forms online as well as offline
Enable customers to confidently act on information: filling, saving, and electronically submitting forms. You can also verify document authenticity and reliability when this capability is enabled by the document author in Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional or Adobe LiveCycle software.

Enjoy support for 3D graphics
Accelerate design reviews. View and rotate 3D images within Reader 8.

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